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FORWARDS project grants: successful close and exciting next steps

FORWARDS is pleased to announce the completion of three calls for grants aimed at advancing climate-smart forestry, forest restoration, and the development of the ForestWard Observatory, a pan-European monitoring tool addressing the impact of climate change on forests.

The initial call, launched in Seotember 2023, sought proposals for Climate-Smart Forestry (CSF) and forest restoration pilots across Europe. FORWARDS received a significant response with numerous high-quality submissions (31). The awarded projects will receive funding of up to EUR 140,000 each, contributing valuable data to The ForestWard Observatory. Additional calls for diverse themes are anticipated later this year.


For detailed information on the funding call and upcoming opportunities, please visit the official announcement on the EFI website.


Following the success of the first call, FORWARDS launched two additional calls aimed at enhancing forest monitoring and understanding disturbances related to climate change. These calls offer a unique chance for researchers and organizations to contribute to the ForestWard Observatory.


  • Call for Grants 1: Pilots of Long-term Climate Impact Forest Monitoring Sites
    Up to five projects will be awarded a maximum of €145,000 each, focusing on assessing the long-term impact of climate change on forest ecosystems.
  • Call for Grants 2: Characterisation of European Forest Disturbances
    Up to three projects will be awarded a maximum of €150,000 each, with a focus on constructing an exhaustive open-access reference dataset on forest disturbances.


These calls play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of climate change impacts on forests and improving monitoring capabilities. The response has been substantial, with 33 proposals received for this batch of two different calls.


FORWARDS expresses gratitude to all projects and researchers who submitted proposals for the FORWARDS calls. The evaluation process for the 33 proposals is now underway.

The project encourages the community to stay tuned for more exciting opportunities as FORWARDS will open additional calls for grants in the near future, providing further chances to contribute innovative proposals and make a lasting impact on climate-smart forestry and forest monitoring initiatives. For more information on future calls for grants, visit https://forwards-project.eu/call-for-grants/ 


For media inquiries or additional information, please contact: info@forwards-project.eu.