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FORWARDS project highlights at IUFRO Conference

Johanna Klapper, from EFI, and Rubén Valbuena, from SLU, highlight groundbreaking forestry research and monitoring advancements at IUFRO.

Johanna recently showcased her research at the IUFRO conference, presenting a poster featuring groundbreaking results from the FORWARDS project. Her research, titled “Climate-Smart Forestry and forest restoration: an overview of experimental trials across Europe,” offers significant insights into the current state of forest management and restoration efforts. By systematically reviewing existing trials, the research identifies knowledge gaps and provides a valuable database to guide future forest management and restoration efforts, supporting adaptation to climate change and the preservation of biodiversity.



At IUFRO, the FORWARDS coordinator, Rubén Valbuena of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences presented The ForestWard Observatory

Rubén recently presented FORWARDS at the IUFRO conference, at a session on “The new age of forest monitoring: a common European forest monitoring  system in a global perspective”. This session presented an excellent opportunity to foster collaboration with similar projects: PathFinder, EFINET, ForestPaths, ForestNavigator, Eco2Adapt, MoniFun and upcoming NextGenCarbon. Rubén also gave updates on the results of the closed calls of FORWARDS’ grants to third parties, and detailed information on the open calls and those to come up soon.


Photo by Henrik Karmehag, SLU

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Foto credits: cover image by Pilar Valbuena.