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Calls for grants

FORWARDS interacts with several established networks on CSF & Restoration and effectively uses five dedicated grant calls to implement forest observations and test CSF & restoration measures.

The project will launch at least five calls to set up the ForestWard Observatory and support the implementation and scaling-up of climate-smart restoration pilots. It is expected that the calls will yield approximately 50 projects.


1. Pilot network of long-term climate impact forest monitoring sites

Approximate no. of grants: 15

Supported activities:

  • Install new measurement equipment in existing monitoring pilots;
  • Perform measurements and maintain equipment.

2. Disturbance characterisation

Approximate no. of grants: 8

Supported activities:

  • Provide a Europe-wide, consistent, and statistically robust disturbance assessment for different project years
  • Provide detailed characterisation of cause-effect relationships for disturbances in and around the CSF and restoration priority areas

3. CSF and forest restoration pilots

Call now open! Apply here: https://efi.int/grants-training/grants 

Approximate duration: 18 months (calls are published in multiple batches)
Launch of the first batch: 31 July 2023
Approximate no. of grants: 15 total

Supported activities:

  • Establish new CSFs and forest restoration trials
  • Field measurements on newly established or already existing CSF and restoration trials
  • Analyse the effectiveness of the practises considering considering indicators developed in FORWARDS

4. Citizen and stakeholder engagement in CSF and forest restoration

Call now open! Apply here: https://efi.int/node/3805 

Approximate no. of grants: 15

Supported activities:

  • Implement innovative social engagement activities
  • Stakeholder surveys, workshops, or other interactive formats for knowledge, joint vision development, collective learning, collaborative planning or co-creating solutions

5. Knowledge to practice

Approximate no. of grants: 2

Supported activities:

  • Develop web applications that link to the ForestWard Observatory and rely on its datasets